About Us

Iron Works Fitness was founded by two longtime Boulder residents under the umbrella of Bramge LLC in 2003, and is a locally owned, independent business in Boulder, Colorado. Our mission is to provide a convenient, affordable, clean fitness center in Boulder, CO. Consulting with Commercial Fitness Solutions in Denver, we have chosen the best user friendly exercise equipment available in today's market. We designed the space to be not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. It is important to us that this space is designed to meet the expectations and needs of the fitness community of members and personal trainers. Iron Works Fitness provides 24 hour cardkey access for using the finest isolation strength training equipment, freeweight equipment and accessories, and cardiovascular equipment.

By design, Iron Works Fitness provides you with the ability to maximize your workout with the complete range of cutting edge equipment. Achieve your personal fitness goals without paying for common health club amenities. While we provide the convenience of showers and lockers, Iron Works Fitness does not have wet & dry saunas, whirlpools, swimming pools, or racquet/tennis courts that are not typically used by every member but which costs are assessed to each person through membership fees. Additionally, because Iron Works Fitness is a virtually unattended facility, we are able to offer very competitive rates because we do not have the overhead costs of employees. There are posted office hours when the owners will be available to issue card key access IDs, give facility tours,and answer questions. We offer an affordable, convenient fitness center that provides an efficient and varied workout without charging members for services you may not want or use.


Iron Works Fitness is virtually an unattended facility and we are keenly aware of the importance in providing a safe environment at all times for its users.The facility is continuously secured with Closed Circuit Television cameras covering/recording all workoutareas. We also provide 24/7 electronic panic buttons that may be worn while you areinside the fitness center. Additionally, there are fixed security panic buttons placed throughout the fitness center. When any panic button is activated by the user, for any reason, a message is sent to a manned central monitoring system for immediate response.

Through our dedication to the above objectives, Iron Works Fitness will establish a committed relationship with the fitness community it serves.

Iron Works Fitness is located in the Main St. North mixed use development at 4660 N. Broadway (east side of Broadway) between Yarmouth and Yellow Pine Avenue in Boulder. We opened our doors on October 25, 2004.

Feel free to call Iron Works Fitness at (303) 539-9334 with any questions or comments.

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