Good News!


Iron Works Fitness has joined with Boulder Tao Natural Medicine and CommunityAcupuncture Clinic to offer a new wellness benefit. Our gym members can now receive a C.S.A.membership (community supported acupuncture) at Boulder Tao Clinic with greatly discounted rates for both private & community treatments. Boulder Tao also offers ChineseHerbal Medicine consultations, health counseling, non-needle treatments and has an in-clinic pharmacy & store.

Schedule an appointment, read reviews & find answers to F.A.Q.s at: WWW.BOULDERTAO.COM

*Be sure to go to the CSA tab & click on the Community Supported Acupuncture Appointment to receive the CSA reduced rate. CSA members pay $45 for appointments (usually $85) and have the initial fee for community acupuncture waived).

Boulder Tao Clinic is committed to making the benefits of oriental medicine including Japanese painless acupuncture, nutritional & lifestyle counseling, and non-needle treatments- accessible & affordable to individuals and families of Boulder through our C.S.A membership program. We are conveniently located at 100 Arapahoe Ave. Just south of Eben G. Fine Park.

Boulder Tao specializes in the treatment of:

Traumatic recovery- visible& non-visible

Pain Anywhere (both acute and chronic)

Sports Injuries & Post-Surgical Recovery

Chronic Headache, Migraines

Sleep Problems, Insomnia

Digestive Disorders:

IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea



Female Health (Premenstrual symptoms, menstrual pain, menopause symptoms, etc.)

Fertility- Male & Female

Allergies, Respiratory problems

Pediatric Wellness & Treatment of Common Children’s Health Concerns

Christopher J.  Dyer L Ac. & Susannah Grace Carleton DOM

Boulder Tao Clinic

100 Arapahoe Ave. Suite 5, Boulder, Co 80302


1 (303) 241-3570



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