Resistance Range : Minimum - 15 Watts; Maximum - 900 Watts. Power : Self-powered, optional AC adapter for full time display. Resistance Type : Eddy current brake with brushless internal generator for low drag and high power capability. Drive type : Double step-up drive with self-tensioning idlers for minimal mechanical drag. Programming : Quick Start, Manual, three Fitness (Constant Power) programs, three Bike (Bike Mode) programs, three Speed Controlled (Isokinetic) Programs, Heart Rate Control and a Fitness Test. Programs have 21 levels. Quick Start and Manual are set up selectable as Constant Power, Bike Mode or Speed Controlled (isokinetic). Heart Rate Control provides for direct selection of target heart rate. Heart Rate Monitoring : Contact and Polar

With the same specifications as the recumbent bike, modes of operation includes Constant Power, Bike Mode and Speed Controlled (isokinetic). Pedals are extra wide with adjustable straps. Wheels on front for easy rolling. Cybex proprietary designed seat features a comfort groove and is shaped to conform to the user. Multi-position design of handle bars accommodates riding styles from upright to aero and is equipped with two sets of contact heart rate grips. Split level design with magazine rack and tabs. Unique positioning puts the display in the users forward field of view.

Features EZ RELEASE system providing all the benefits of a fixed gear with the safety of our coasting feature. Height adjustable EZ RIDE handlebars are rubber coated, corrosion resistant stainless steel with the addition of ergonomic forearm pads for comfortable aero position riding. The new EZ SLIDE mechanism provides a full 7 of fore and aft seat adjustability for proper ride biomechanics on more users along with highly visible seat adjustment settings. Comes standard with two-sided pedals allowing for use of SPD style shoe/cleat or traditional athletic shoes (toe clips).

A bike that is durable, adjusts easily & accommodates all users with comfort The LeMond RevMaster combines Greg's passion for cycling and innovation with exceptional product quality. Built to deliver an amazing workout, every component of the LeMond RevMaster has been designed to be more innovative, comfortable, and durable than any other indoor group cycling bike.

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